Quantified Self meets Augmented Reality

Concept video:


Augmented reality concept & realisation: Sander Veenhof
Android/Zephyr hardware connection: LJMU& Liverpool university
Based on the research project "Invisible ARtaffects" - Manifest.AR & FACT Liverpool

Live demonstration: during Naturalis After Dark april 2014


With augmented reality being a very suitable technology to fix anything, the interactive augmented reality environment provides a solution to conferences suffering from lack of audience concentration. Bringing back concentration to an optimal level not by requiring changes in the presentation content, but through augmentation. In order to detect moments of fading audience concentration or daydreaming, one or two persons attending a conference will be equipped with a body activity sensor. Their concentration level is continuously monitored. When a drop in concentration is detected, for example a heartbeat that is too low, a compensation for a probable lack of exciting content will be activated using augmented reality within the conference room. Optimally to be experienced through augmented reality headwear, but for the time being anno 2013, the augmented space can be experienced through the use of a smartphone with the Junaio augmented reality app installed.


Whereas many Quantified Self projects end with the delivery of proper and functional representations of data, this project aims to add another step to that process. It automatically acts on the gathered inputs. Additionally, by doing so in unexpected ways and targeting an unusual context, it adds a story to the data-flow.


The on-the-spot adaptation of our surrounding based on real-time biosensing is the match between us humans, and the semi-digital environment we live in today. Because this space stretches out to any place on earth, itís clear that the world of data has great potential for many other fields and disciplines too. Worth a conference or two, to be augmented!


Available as a channel for the Junaio augmented reality browser.

Requirements: Zephyr heartrate monitor, smartphone with bluetooth, custom Manifest.AR app, Junaio browser

sander [a] sndrv.com