It's a known fact that we prefer to look through our smartphone camera-view when the world around us becomes relevant. This analog Augmented Reality add-on for your smartphone offers an unexpected perspective on the world around you that's both subtle as well as profound by enhancing the camera with a disruptive twist.



Sander Veenhof is a one person research lab, combining a background in computer science and the arts. His projects reflect on how to relate to a world perceived through digital devices, and use its full potential not by adopting but by looking beyond the obvious products and use-cases. In contrast to what's common in the digital domain, his projects lack logic, function or even urgency, providing solutions for problems that are not relevant yet, but soon will be. He addresses our future as semi-digital humans, not with futuristic talk but with hands-on prototypes to be experienced in the present, right here, right now, using the technology that's in everyones' pocket already. Without major resources, he aims to bypass the hi-tech obsession with low-tech experiences that have impact beyond the amount of megapixels.