a minimalistic but effective AR fashion enhancer

11 NFTs available, differing in the amount of pixels available during each session

Amount of pixels Price
0.001 ETH
0.002 ETH
0.004 ETH
0.008 ETH
0.016 ETH
0.032 ETH
0.064 ETH
0.128 ETH
0.256 ETH
0.512 ETH
1.024 ETH

Owning one of these 11 NFTs will entitle you to use the AR fashion enhancer to add the specified quantity of fashionable digital pixels to any physical outfit during each enhancement session.

The AR effect titled "Add" is available as a Snapchat lens. Click this link or use the app to point at this code below, then tap and hold until the lens launches.

The required PIN-code to uniquely access the lens can be found in the unlockable content field of this NFT.