AR filters for videoconferencing

Since the outbreak of the Corona crisis we're forced to work from home, using tools like Zoom to connect. As a replacement of a physical gathering of people, sometimes something is missing.

This series of Zoom/Teams experiments are focussed on finding out how these session can be enhanced with meaningful augmented reality filters and interactive interfaces. Nowadays, there's much more these filters can do besides applying a facefilter, such as mouse ears or a funny hat.

Interactive virtual background

Link to copy/paste (into Snap Camera):
Agree or not

Signal your mood about the ongoing topic: sit left for green, sit right for red

Link to copy/paste:
Abstract Presence: dynamic pixelation

This 'abstract presence' filter-effect for Teams/Zoom allows you to change the level of detail of your visual appearance . By moving to the side, so you can temporarily escape from the webcam. But your fellow participants will know you're still there

Link to copy/paste:

Concentration games


[1] Install the "Snap Camera" program on your computer/laptop, and search for "ZoomDonkeyKong" in the'search' field.

[2] Next, select "Snap Camera" as your video-source in Zoom:

Zoom Donkey Kong try-out >

Foreground/background effects

"Ball pool" Snapchat filter

Zoom screensaver and 'away' icons

If you don't want to interupt your fellow videoconference participants with an explanation why you're leaving the chat for a moment, use this filter. Exit the screen on the top left or top right, bottom left or bottom right to trigger an icon indicating where you are. Just searching a pen, getting your charger. Getting coffee of handling the DHL guy at the door.

COPY THIS LINK and paste it into Snap Camera (see explanation here)
How to keep yourself concentrated?

While in a Zoom session, playing 'subtle games' will help you to stay focussed. By subtly moving your head you can control the games, but for other participants it will hardly be noticeable that you're multitasking.

Copy / paste this link below into the 'search field' of Snap Camera:

more >
Abstract Presence: basic avatar

This filter can be used to open up Zoom and feel connected to other people, but without the need to be aware of the webcam peeking into your room. You're an abstract avatar, nothing fancy. But that's not the aim of this filter. It's not asking you to waste time configuring your virtual outfit and choosing the color of your hair. This filter just broadcasts your presence, or your temporary absence.

Copy this link below into the 'search' field of the Snap Camera program:
Subliminal scroller for Teams

Link >
The filters presented in this research are privacy safe. When activating facefilters in Zoom the output is generated locally within the SnapCamera program based on input from the webcam. No data or images are collected and nothing is sent to any online server, except for the filtered output which is visible for all of the participants.

Why enhance your Zoom session with Snap filters?

How to add activate these effects in Zoom?

A) first install the
"Snap Camera" program on your computer

B) choose "Snap camera" in the settings of your videochat tool

C) copy+paste the snapcode-links below into the searchbox of the Snap Camera app :