Zoom hide and seek

Most augmented reality facefilter effects are about adding virtual items to your face. This one does the opposite. Use it together with your fellow Zoom participants and try to guess what behaviour turns you (in)visible. The algorithm changes every minute!


During last week's session the filter was detecting the following behaviour:

  • minute 1: movement is saving you from a fade out
  • minute 2: the opposite: by moving you're becoming invisible
  • minute 3: positioning your head close to the center of the screen
  • minute 4: movement is saving you from a fade out
  • minute 5: keeping your head at an increasing angle
  • minute 6: appear when you're talking
  • minute 7: dissapear when you're talking
  • minute 8: keep stepping back to appear, meanwhile fading away

To play "Hide and seek" use this Snap Lens in your Zoom session:

Copy/paste this link into the search-field of SnapCamera:


Filter effect in Zoom:
Enhance your Zoom sessions with interactive AR appearances or gesture tracking:

A) first install the
"Snap Camera" program on your computer

B) choose "Snap camera" in the settings of your videochat tool

C) copy+paste a snapcode-links below into the searchbox of the Snap Camera app :